Children’s Food Education Programs

Welcome to Nourish with Noura’s Children Food Programs! We offer a range of engaging and educational programs designed to teach kids about cooking, food experimentation, healthy eating habits, and most importantly, having fun while doing it.

Food education programs
March Break

March Break Program:

Our March Break program is designed to provide children with a fun and educational experience during their break from school. Our program runs for three hours a day and is packed with exciting activities that promote a healthy relationship with food. Kids will learn basic cooking skills and get hands-on experience preparing delicious and healthy meals. They will also participate in food experiments and learn about the science behind the foods they eat. Our program emphasizes the importance of making healthy food choices and encourages kids to develop a lifelong love of cooking and good nutrition.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp:

Our Summer Camp program is a great way for kids to have fun, make new friends, and learn about healthy eating. The program runs for two hours per week and is filled with engaging and exciting activities that teach kids about the importance of good nutrition. During the program, kids will learn how to cook and prepare a variety of healthy meals and snacks. They will also participate in food-related games and challenges that encourage teamwork and problem-solving skills. Our program is designed to help kids develop a positive and healthy relationship with food, while also having a great time in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Cooking program for kids

After-School Program:

Our After-School Program is a fun and educational way for kids to spend their afternoons. Running for 2 hours weekly, the program is packed with exciting and interactive activities that help kids learn about healthy eating and cooking. Our experienced and friendly team will guide kids through a range of food-related experiences, from cooking and baking to food experiments and games. Through these activities, kids will develop important skills such as teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving, while also learning about the importance of good nutrition. Our program is designed to be fun and engaging, providing kids with a positive and healthy outlet after a busy day at school.

No matter which program you choose, our experienced instructors will guide your child through the cooking process, encouraging creativity, healthy eating habits, and a love for all things culinary. Our programs are designed to be both fun and educational, helping kids develop valuable life skills while having a great time in the kitchen.